“Hi there and thanks for your interest in music by Chill Carrier. This website is still in development but here are some first directions.” – Sebastian

Latest release (2018/09/29):

“You Never Leave (Session 20180928)”

Sessions are weird little spontaneous sound outbursts that capture a pure mood and are made within only a few hours. I love to use them for experimenting around with sound big time, not being ashamed to fail any mainstream but instead embracing the pure joy of making music.

Session 20180928 “You Never Leave” is out now on Bandcamp, have a good time.

License track

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You would like to license some of my music or think about a cooperation/on-demand-audio for your project? Great!
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Chill Carrier

Chill Carrier is the german Chillout, Lounge and Electronica project by Sebastian Kretzschmar, founded back in 2003. All royalty free music is released under a Creative Commons license. High quality versions are available for purchase or uncomplicated licensing, just get in touch, thanks.